2018 Update

I had a lot of problems after the fuel pump failed in 2014. When I installed the replacement pump, the tank seal that was included in the kit was just a round O-ring and didn’t, really… seal the tank. I had vapor leaks that would seep into the cabin and basically rendered the car undrivable. I tried a few other replacements but none of them worked. Eventually I had to reinstall the original tank seal after I finally found it one day in summer 2017 and everything was back to normal.

Also that summer I finished upgrading the exterior lights to LEDs and discovered two problems. One, the LEDs in the brake light were the cause of the ABS malfunction indicator. Two, the turn signal flasher wasn’t flashing. I did the EP28 flasher upgrade to address this.

Also added a new embroidered trunk mat from Lloyd’s.

In Spring 2018 I upgraded the interior lights to LEDs, installed a poly dogbone, installed new Infinity 4×6 speakers in the dash and doors, rewired the entire audio system to correct audio phase problems, and upgraded the aging 4″ Droid X2 to a 10″ Samsung tablet.

In summer 2018 I decided the car needed some more mechanical work so I installed new rotors and pads for the front brakes, new AC gas struts for the front suspension, replaced the right-side axle, installed axle support bearings to eliminate a longstanding driveline shimmy, changed the oil & trans fluid, charged the A/C and had the tires rebalanced. I hated the poly dogbone – it made the car harsh, jerky and noisy in ways I’d never expected. I replaced it with an Anchor OEM rubber one. The car has never been so smooth as it is now. and drives better than it ever has.

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