At long last, it’s done

So after “darkening Dan’s garage” for roughly about approximately fourish months or so, give or take, I’ve finally finished my ’92 GTP project that I originally started in April 2005.

It took two cylinder heads, four camshafts, forty-eight lifters, a crankshaft, two sets of main bearings, seventeen sets of rod bearings, a timing chain, two timing belts, a hood release cable, two transmissions, two motor mounts, three errant spark plug wires, a dozen injectors, three engines, five hundred thirty six bottled beverages and several girlfriends – but I think the sumbitch is finally solid. It still has some minor bugs like the wrong oil pressure sender (for a light instead of a gauge), a missing thermostat, and some halfshafts that could use a rebuild, but it runs, everything works, and it’s reliable. Oh, and it’s smooth, fast, and damn good looking too. I’d still do it all over again. Many, many thanks to Dan for all his help with it and letting me do it all at his garage.

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