Broken transaxle mount on 284

The transaxle mount on the 284 has separated, and I’ve sourced a used replacement. But it’s still going to wear out or break again, and the part (#17990963) is no longer available from GM and isn’t reproduced by any other suppliers. I tried reattaching the mount with an epoxy a few years ago, and again with window-weld, but it didn’t work. A couple solutions have come up after a phone call to Anchor Products.

  1. Chemlok is the product used to bond the rubber to the steel mounting plate. Made by the LORD corporation of Cary, NC, it might be possible to use this stuff to repair it.
  2. The Damper Doctor repairs broken engine/transmission mounts.

Turned out the Damper Doctor doesn’t work with anything newer than the ’70s, but I did discover that the 282 mount is compatible, even though the Hollander Interchange doesn’t say so. DEA A5229 is the magic part and worked perfectly. It cross-references to the 1988-91 3.1 Grand Prix, and is actually a bit bigger and beefier than the OEM 284 mount.

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