2012 Update

In October 2010 I had to pull the powertrain due to some undetermined transmission misbehavior. Turned out a cover inside the bellhousing that encloses the shift rails had been knocked loose, and emptied the transmission of all its fluid. My first attempt at re-sealing it failed after a few thousand miles, so in March 2011 I did it again, this time securing it with a liberal application of JB-Weld. The clutch had been contaminated with transmission fluid and needed a thorough cleaning and breaking-in again, the oil pan needed replacement, and the oil pickup had come loose and fallen off the oil pump due to the damage to the oil pan. I obtained a replacement transmission mount vis-a-vis the previous post, and put everything back together. A year later and there have been no further problems with those components.

In May 2011 I installed the factory original Head-Up Display system. All wiring was pre-existing and the installation was straightforward. I made one small modification: disconnected the headlight dimmer connection, because I often run markers in the daytime and this would dim the display so much it was no longer visible.

In June 2011 I replaced the original trunk lid with the luggage rack with a bespoilered one I found in the junkyard on a ’94 car.

In November 2011, the timing belt failed due to an unlubricated tensioner actuator that got stuck and was not adjusting the belt tension properly. Replaced the belt, tensioner actuator, coil packs and ignition module and retimed the engine.

February 24 2012, the right-side muffler was replaced to address a longstanding raspy noise around 2000rpm, probably caused by a failed catalytic converter that released debris into the exhaust system and clogged the muffler. Due to unavailability of a new replacement, a used muffler from a 1997 Monte Carlo was utilized, and although installing it was a challenge due to mounting differences, the problem was solved.

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